Hop (2011) - Online subtitrat in Romana

Nume : Hop
Durata : 93 min
Limba : Romana
A fost lansat in : 2011

Descriere in Romana :

Fred O'Hare este un ratat incapabil sa isi gaseasca un loc de munca, pe care parintii l-au dat afara din casa si care s-a refugiat temporar in locuinta surorii sale Samantha. Intr-o seara in care se intoarcea cu automobilul spre casa, imprudentul Fred il accidenteaza pe Iepurasul de Pasti si ii fractureaza acestuia un picior, fiind fortat sa isi adaposteasca victima in locuinta Samanthei in perioada de convalescenta. Samantha il ingrijeste cu devotament pe iepurasul ranit, chiar daca acesta nu este chiar cel mai comod si usor de multumit musafir, in vreme ce fratele ei Fred trebuie sa se antreneze pentru a prelua atributiile Iepurasului de Pasti, a carui misiune este sa ascunda oua de ciocolata prin casele oamenilor. Intrucat iepurele nu mai poate sa alerge si sa topaie din cauza piciorului fracturat, Fred si Samantha sunt nevoiti sa faca echipa cu el pentru a salva sarbatorile, pe parcursul desfasurarii evenimentelor atat barbatul, cat si iepurasul desavarsindu-si procesul de maturizare. 

Description in English :

Hop is a 2011 American Easter-themed live-action/animated comedy family film from Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment, directed by Tim Hill and produced by Chris Meledandri and Michele Imperato Stabile. The film was released on April 1, 2011, in the United States and the United Kingdom. Hop stars the voice of Russell Brand as E.B., a rabbit who does not want to succeed his father, Mr. Bunny (Hugh Laurie), in the role of the Easter Bunny; James Marsden as Fred O'Hare, a human who is out of work and wishes to become the next Easter Bunny himself; and the voice of Hank Azaria as Carlos and Phil, two chicks who plot to take over the Easter organization.It was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on March 23, 2012, in Region 1 On Easter Island, a young rabbit named E.B. is intended to succeed his father as the Easter Bunny. Intimidated by the calling's demands and ignoring his father's orders, E.B. runs away to Hollywood to pursue his dream of becoming a drummer. E.B.'s father sends his three ninja royal guards, the Pink Berets, to find his son. Meanwhile, Easter Chicks Carlos and Phil plot a coup d'état against him to take over the Easter organization.
At Van Nuys, E.B. is hit by Fred O'Hare, an out-of-work, job-hopping slacker (who is being pressured by his family to "get a job") who was driving to his sister Sam's boss's house he is house-sitting. Feigning injury, E.B. persuades Fred to take him in as he recovers, but when E.B. causes trouble, Fred attempts to abandon him in the wilderness. E.B. persuades the human to help him by claiming to be the Easter Bunny, whom Fred saw in operation in his youth. The rabbit sees the Berets closing in on him and hides inside a business where Fred is having job interview. E.B. enjoys a successful recording session with the Blind Boys of Alabama as their substitute drummer, but ruins Fred's job interview. In the process, E.B. gets a tip about a possible audition for David Hasselhoff, who invites him to perform on his show.
Afterward, Fred attends his adopted younger sister Alex's school Easter pageant with E.B. hiding in a satchel. E.B., alarmed that the Pink Berets have apparently found him due to the three bunny suit shadows on a wall and disgusted by Alex's awful rendition of "Peter Cottontail", dashes out and disrupts the show. Fred feigns a ventriloquist's act with E.B.'s cooperation as his dummy and they lead the show in singing, "I Want Candy". Both his father, Henry, and Alex, are angry about the upstaging, but Fred is inspired to be the Easter Bunny himself. E.B. is skeptical, but he agrees to train the human and finds that Fred has some genuine talent for it.
As the Pink Berets close in on him, E.B. prepares a decoy to fake his death and leaves for Hasselhoff's show. The Berets see the decoy and, horrified that the human has apparently killed E.B., capture Fred and take him to Easter Island. Fred is held captive and confronted by E.B.'s father and Carlos about killing E.B. Carlos pretends to be upset about E.B.'s death, silences Fred (who tries to reveal the truth of the decoy) and seizes control of the Easter factory.
Meanwhile, at the Hoff Knows Talent live show, E.B. is in his dressing room preparing for his performance but his reflection begins to berate him for acting selfish and leaving Fred. Just then a production assistant arrives to tell him that he is next to perform. E.B. leaves his dressing room and begins to feel guilty about leaving Fred so he discusses the situation with Hasselhoff, who advises him to go back and help his friend. E.B. finds evidence of Fred's capture and races back to the factory. He confronts Carlos, but is immobilized in gummy candy and tossed into the chocolate bunny carving line. Fred and E.B.'s father are tied up with black licorice and are to be boiled alive, but they manage to free themselves by eating away the licorice and E.B. survives by dodging the blades. Carlos, now a chick-bunny combination due to the magic of The Egg of Destiny (a magical staff used by The Easter Bunny), engages battle with E.B. and defeats him easily due to his size and then tries to lead the Egg Sleigh out with Phil directing with light up wands.
To stop the launch, E.B. improvises a drum session. Uncontrollably driven to dance to the beat, Phil provides the wrong signals, causing a crash and Carlos is subdued. After being defeated, Carlos is made to pull the Egg sleigh and Phil is made the new head of the Easter Chicks. E.B. then apologizes to his father for his selfishness, and he and Fred are made co-Easter bunnies and take over the job. Fred's family is now proud that he has a job and responsibilities.
After the credits, E.B. and Fred are in China delivering an Easter basket to the same woman who had previously attacked E.B.'s father earlier in the film.
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